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About Our Cheltenham Room - The Virtual Church

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It's great you've come to The Virtual Church Cheltenham Room! To get started select "Cheltenham Posts" from the main menu above. First, though, it's worth reading the pointers below.

Why do we have a Cheltenham Room? Because Cheltenham is where the team behind The Virtual Church live! We thought it would be nice to have a room where people from Cheltenham who are Christians or who are seeking faith in God can connect.

So if you are living in the Cheltenham area of England please post a "connecting" message to us. We will post a reply back. Select "Cheltenham Posts" from the menu above to see the messages.

Suggestions for what to post about

Connecting with one another is good and can be used to the glory of God. For example, if you have noticed something in the area of Cheltenham that we as Christians could or should be praying about then post a message about it.

There are some great Christian action projects in the Cheltenham area so if you've got a short report about one then post that report and let us know. Another good reason to post something is if you have a testimony of answered prayer or a special work of God in someone's life or the community in our area.

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