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Subject: Welcome



Your postinigs here are welcome. All postings are read and they are replied to whenever appropriate and wanted.

Subject: Daily Guide


I don't always read it but it helps greatly. Why is it when your down you don't seem to want to read scripture. The very thing you need to do. So now Iam playing catch up as I do save them to read later.

Subject: Less worry and stress


I haven't been working since November 2015 so financial issues a re an issue. It seems when I think I have work it doesn't happen. Also people can be abrupt and callus towards me. I know there are others that may have it a worse than me but I am just not dealing with all of it well. I remember when this little website was 3D it made it kinda comforting. I don't have a actual church that I belong to so don't have that counseling with others.

Subject: Worldly events


I will be honest, there are times I just do not want to know what is going on in the world. I feel as I really don't have any control. It bothers me greatly if a child, person or animal is treated cruel. I still question and don't understand why these things happen and there seems to be no intervention. I just cry, it bothers me for a long time, an its very hard to find happiness and peace when others don't have it for themselves.

Subject: Parable of the Talents


Hi Pastor Simon. Can you explain the parable of the talents pls. The one with one talent seems to have a harsh end. What would that person be like to us here??

Subject: confession of sin


I had an affair several years ago. Confessed to my husband and God - never told my immediate family/friends. Will my prayers remain hindered because I didn't go to them also? We were instructed by our Pastor to keep this between the 2 of us but... the bible does indicate that sexual sin leads to destruction and can affect your children's children. Does that mean even if I have confessed my sins?

Subject: God's plans for us


We are informed that God put us here for a reason ( I have plans for you - in Jeremiah ) but there is nothing to tell you what these plans are except for the patriarchs and disciples. is out your daily job or what?

Subject: Looking old


I was wondering about some people in the Bible such as Sarah (Abraham wife) that apparently she was old but was good looking and it seems like years did not affect her... My question is bugging me is why I see my favorite evangelistic preachers like Leroy Thompson, Swaggart and Richard Roberts become all grayed hair and with signs of aging. Is getting old a disease tha Jesus ( or ourselves as his disciples) can stop on its tracks?

Subject: Confused


When I was 8 I saw Jesus at the end of my bed. He asked me if I wanted a friend and I said yes, then He disappeared.

Now I am lot older I have been seeking the truth so I have been going to church and they say I have given my life to Jesus. But there something I can't undstand I have not said the prayer of forgiveness. Are they right in saying that I am a Christian or not because I don't feel or act like one.