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About Our Seekers Room - The Virtual Church

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It's great you've come to The Virtual Church Seekers Room! To get started select "Seekers Posts" from the main menu above. First, though, it's worth reading the pointers below.

We hope you'll enjoy seeing what people who are seeking have posted on the Seekers Posts page of the Seekers Room and realise you've got something you could contribute too. Select "Seekers Posts" from the menu above to see the posts.

Here in this room you can post a question related to seeking for answers in life. Alternatively you can post an experience you've had that has set you seeking. You can also post contributions or encouragement in response to what other people have written about or asked about in their posts in this room.

Why a Seeker's Room?

We've created this room in The Virtual Church especially for those who are seeking to know the deeper meaning of our lives and perhaps even to know the reason for our existence. It's good to be a seeker. This world we live in is a realm within a realm. There is in a physical realm and there is a spiritual realm. What the five senses give you evidence of is not all there is! There's more to life than the material realm.

Some people might simply be seeking to know whether there's more to life than this material realm. Others might be seeking to know whether God is real and personally loves them. Still others might be seeking to know how you can know God more clearly and more personally. You are all welcome here and we hope you will contribute your insights and experiences. Let's help each other along the way of seeking to the fulfilment of finding.

Forum for Christian Seekers

The Seeker's Room is a lot like a forum. In this forum you can post your questions and tell experiences you've had that you need clarifying. Others will then be able to respond to you. The pastor of The Virtual Church will also make himself available on this forum with responses to posts.

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