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Subject: Understanding


In some ways its nice to see this section alive but it means others are having difficulties. I am having my own due to a loss of my job. The problem its because of two co workers and I won't say they are Christians but they go to church. Whatever they did Or said caused me to lose my job. Still do not understand why I am being punished. They are afraid to face me that they have place a no trespassing warrant against me where I use to work. Don't know what I did wrong, its not easy trying to move on because I don't feel like doing anything anymore. I read scripture but wake up to reality.

Subject: need help


I have a difficult period with my family not accepting my girlfriend, i wanna love them all and i don't wanna arguing with all of them.

Subject: Job opportunity


I got my masters in Adult Gerontology nurse practitioner degree. I have been looking for a job since July. I have been facing obstacles. I am looking for full time job that has medical insurance coverage. I know nothing is impossible with my Almighty God. I believe that He has greater plan for me. The people of God , please pray for me for the door to open up. Pastor Simon , I have been blessed by your weekly reading notes. I live in Frisco, Texas. God bless you all.

Subject: keijo


Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victims,thanks and bless,Keijo sweden

Subject: Family


Please pray for my daughter Kristen Parker. Pray for favor in places on the cheerleading for all sports including football. Also that he cover her through her senior college year. Keep her focused and touch her so she knows he is close. Help her broken heart and that the right person comes in her life. Pray for my son Jordan Moore that he finds a job and that he get called to play in the NFL. Pray for my job that we get the experienced teachers needed for my classrooms. Cover the children and teachers. Pray for me and my husband Troy Parker health and to be able substan it all. Thank u.

Subject: friend


Please pray for Sandy Henderson, she is my friends mom and is in the hospital with a massive stroke. her family is devastated thank you.

Subject: Son/loss of family pet


Please pray for me and my family. My son Keith had to be life flighted by helicopter in a snow mobile accident about a month ago. Healing has slowed down. Head trauma, hearing loss, not able to use left arm correctly. Broken femur. This Monday we had to lay our dog Zeke down. Within 6 days his back and legs went. We had him for 9 years. Yellow Labrador. He was especially close to me . I am having a really hard time dealing with the loss. Please please pray for us.

Subject: prayer for Nancy


Thank you for praying for Nancy her surgery went well .Prayer helps so much, Please may I add myself asking for prayer. God Bless you

Subject: my sister Nancy


My sister is having a mastectomy today, Please pray for her. Thank you so much.


Subject: Marriage


Pastor Simon, my request is personal. I am suspecting my husband of having an affair and a second life. I live a life of total neglect in many ways. He has an angry and controlling disposition. My son says he sees me as being a prisoner. So much that he won%u2019t stay home to keep his feeling of freedom. Please pray for me

Subject: Medical


Please pray with me. Breast cancer retest markers are high. Been five years since mastectomy. Yearly checkup. Retest still high. Dr ordered ct scan and bone scan . Thank you

Subject: Relationship


Further to my earlier request of restoration of faith and protection from darkness, I request healing and restoration for the emotional sanctity and bond of relationship that was disseminated and dismissed in a reading from a clairvoyant who told me many truths but I feel stole the true essence of what would otherwise of been blessed by god.

Please pray for forgiveness for my choice to visit the psychic and to redeem the force of her words from her spirit guide over my life and to restore the balance of harmony within this precious bond in Jesus name.